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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Covering people, strategy, work-life, motivation, and whatever else helps leaders and organizations.

Some businesses happen overnight and others are years in the making. 112 Advising is a true blend! Working with the development of others, chasing goals, thinking of the future, and dreaming big are a constant source of joy in my life. However, formalizing the work and projects into an independent, consulting business is a new adventure!

About me.

I was raised in a small community where kids rode bikes around town until the 6pm whistle called you home. When I was young, my parents started a small business in the petroleum and oil industry. They acquired properties, worked in multiple markets, expanded with staff, and made choices to support their family both financially and through being present at home.

My love of a family-owned business grew from those roots. It wasn't until my own professional career that I realized what a powerful element the private sector and nonprofit organizations are in our communities. I was obsessed. :)

Working in nonprofits and a variety of privately held organizations continued to reinforce the thrill of being in an agile, competitive environment with entrepreneurs. It sparkles when those individuals put their unique way of seeing the world into practice with a team! The impact of the individual is magnified in a setting like these where each person contributes such an important part of the organization.

Best to not be a cat

They say curiosity can kill a cat. I am lucky to not be a cat. :) My curiosity never feels satisfied. This translates into a competitive pursuit of the core of an issue and searching for a best-scenario solution. This also means exploring the best of each individual in my environment and working to assist them in pursuing their goals.

I am a systems thinker and see the strategic connections all around. My core strengths are strategic, achiever, individualization, futuristic, and relator. I see potential and enjoy thinking about the future and pulling the puzzle pieces together.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn more about me. Please poke around as posts are added. Reach out with questions or topics on your mind - I would love to write about the things you want to know more about!

How can I help you and your organization?


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